Monday, September 19, 2011

Rolling With It

Phew... is it Monday already? This new schedule we have is kicking my butt. I think its safe to say that September has not been very kind to us. 
Thats the word of the month, and I am trying to handle it with as much grace as I can. 
Not sure I'm pulling it off though 
With all the new changes going on, our little family has been stressed out, short tempered and tired tired tired. 

I was laying in bed the other night, beat down from the days chaos, feeling just flat out defeated. My heart was heavy because I knew that our days have been filled with too much fighting, too much crying, too many time outs, and not enough time enjoying what was happening. All of these changes are going to happen whether we are ready or not, and it was there, with my face buried in my pillows, I decided to suck it up, change my attitude and DEAL. 

I have been so caught up in all of the BS that sometimes accompanies life, that I forgot to actually enjoy LIFE. 

So, we took the day off from everything last week and took our babes to Disneyland. We played and laughed and danced to the street bands. We listened when someone talked and held hands when we walked down the streets. We forgot about bills, and work, and how dirty the house was.We remembered to take deep breathes and have patience. 
We remembered that our babies are only four and two, and we maybe sometimes expect too much out of them. We remembered that we are doing the best we can as parents, but we are not perfect, and we get wrapped up in the non important stuff, and miss all the small stuff. 

It was a good day 

I have to remember that we are making the memories of our childrens childhood. I want them to look back at this time and smile and remember how wonderful it all was. 

I need to remember to take a breath
a big breath 
Life is fast and crazy and sometimes completely out of control, but we will just have to deal

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