Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Summer Night and Set of Wheels

My son had a gift. He is great at just about everything he does, and he is fearless. He is brave and confident and determined. Last night he decided he wanted to ride his bike without his training wheels. So Daddy took them off and told Gavin that he would hold the back of his seat until he felt comfortable balancing all by himself. 
"No thanks Daddy. I can do it myself" 
And he did
He lifted his feet up a couple times to get the feeling of what balancing is and then backed his bike down the drive way and took off. 
5 minutes and he was ready.

The look on his face. The enormous smile that stretched from ear to ear as he sped down the side walk. It took my breath away. 

"I'm DOING IT!!!!! I told you I could do it!!!!" he screamed as he wizzed by. His chest was puffed up with pride. He knew he was 'the man'. 

I never you doubted you for a second sweet boy.
It's making memories like these that made me want to be a mama.  
You rock my world with the things you accomplish and when I grow up 
I want to be JUST like you 

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