Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sissy Girl Turns Two

Sissy Girl, 
How are you two already? You were just swaddled in my arms, all chubby and soft and smelling like a newborn babe. I blinked and you turned into this spunky  powerhouse of a little girl. You have been such a blessing to our family. You are the craziest rough and tough little lady, but such a little lover. When you kiss me you hold my cheeks, and your arms wrap all the way around my neck when you hug me. You sing most of the day and you are always always dirty and hungry. When I found out their was a baby girl swimming in my belly, I was scared. I was equipped to raise loud little boys, not dainty little ladies. Was I ever wrong. You are rougher than any boy I know and I love that about you. You are strong and independent, but so kind and gentle hearted. When you climb up on my lap we make secret promises to be best friends forever. You're my best girl. I am so grateful for you babe. You fill my heart up to the brim with the most intense love. 
Happy Birthday Baby Doll. 
I love you to your bones


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