Thursday, June 24, 2010

Today I called in Sick

Cough Cough.... Today I was "sick" and couldn't clean my house or run my errands. I needed a dose of sunshine and happy babes. So..... we ditched "work" and headed to the beach with our buddies. It was wonderful 

I love when my babes smell like sun screen 

I love chunky legs in bikinis. 

I love playing hooky from my days of laundry, doing dishes, making beds, and time outs, and playing with our friends at the beach instead. These boys had the best time chasing waves and digging holes. It was such a good day

I am so grateful to have days like this with babes like these. Sometimes ditching our everyday routine is necessary. Just add two more sandy sippy cups to the dish pile and a couple sandy bathing suits to the laundry. It was worth it :) 

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