Friday, June 11, 2010

A Mama Get-A-Way

SO last week was a tough one for me. My babes were sick, which quickly turned in to both of them having DOUBLE ear infections. Thats right, be jealous of me. It was horrible. They were miserable and sleep deprived, which made me super fun to be around. Just when we got them on their antibiotics, my grandpa started to not feel well. A Dr trip later, he has pneumonia. YUP. So two sick babes, a REALLY sick Grandpa, and an EXAUSTED me. I needed a break before I went off the deep end......

Someone must have heard my secret pleas for a vacation from my life, because one of my besties from washington called and said she was flying into Palm Spring to surprise someone, and that I should pack up and meet her there. HECK YES I will! It just so happened that the Hubby had the weekend off, and usually those are reserved as family days, but he looked at me and said "GET OUT OF HERE!". I love him. He  knew I needed to get away. So I packed my bags and headed to Palm Springs ALONE for the first time in four years, on Friday night. I played my music loud, rolled the windows down. I even got stuck in traffic but I didn't care because I was all by myself. We stayed at the JW Marriott and it was heaven. It was hot and sunny and beautiful. We spent time at the pool, left our wet towels on the bathroom floor,slept in, and didn't make our beds. I didn't have to share my food with anyone, or watch cartoons. I got to take a hot shower and blow dry my hair all in one day. It was wonderful. Sunday we went to Teresa's baby shower, which was perfect. She is such a beautiful prego and such a strong mama caring for a two year old and roasting twins.

I came home Sunday night just in time to tuck my babes in. I was tan. I was rested. I was missing my family. For two and a half days I got to just be me. Not a Mom not a Wife, just me. I needed to remember what that felt like. By the time Sunday rolled around I was ready to go home. It felt good to "miss" my family. I came home happy and replenished.

Thanks Holls for making it such an amazing "Mama's Weekend AWAY". It was so much fun. And thank you to my amazing Hubby for understanding how important this time away was for me. I am more grateful than you will ever know. I love you babe!

Instead of taking pictures we should have put on more sunscreen! 

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