Monday, June 14, 2010

NO Girly Girls Allowed

Sunday morning... THIS happened. We were getting dressed for a day of blueberry picking and it was Sissy's turn to get clothes on. She turned to run away from me and lost her footing, sending her reeling head first into a rubbermaid drawer. She smacked right in the corner of the drawer splitting her eyebrow open. 
A trip to the ER later, we came home with a glued eyelid. The Dr said she was too little for stitches, THANK GOD.  This babe is one tough cookie. She napped on the way home and stayed asleep for about two hours. When she woke up, she was completely unfazed by the mornings chaos and I swear her battle wound has given her a new boost on confidence. It's like when boys have scars and they think they are extra cool, she thinks she's part of this club  now. 

I have decided we should have named her Rowdy

She is in no way shape or form a girly girl. She growls at her baby dolls, and drives cars on their heads.  She climbs up, on , over , thru EVERYTHING with absolutely no fear. Beds, stools, couches. the huge monster play set in the back yard. She eats snails and dirt and pulls apart flowers. The second she walks outside she's FILTHY dirty from head to toe. Bath time is never optional, its mandatory. She likes to carry a ball around the yard at all times. Her toes are callused and scraped from playing, and her nails are always dirty dirty. Anything her brother does, she does. She will take you down to the ground for a piece of your food or a sip of your drink. She's like those little dogs that think they're huge and start fights with the big boys.... that's her. 
I lover her
Every dirty toe, and pulled out pony tail. Every growl, scream, and tackle. 
I love my Rowdy Girl 

Filthy Dirty

this one is just because I think he's cute

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