Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sissy is 3

one day I'll get around to uploading real pictures from my big camera. For now, iphone pics will have to do 

This little nugget turned 3 in June. I woke up the morning of and couldn't believe she was so big so fast. Dear Father Time, I don't ask for much, but I am begging you to PLEASE slow down. I want my babies to be babies for just a bit longer if you don't m ind. Go speed someone else's life up for a bit. 

Sissy Girl, 

We sure got lucky with you. I could have never imagined a more perfect little girl. You are smart and witty. The perfect combination of sassy and sweet. You give me a million kisses all day long, and tell me I'm gonna be your best friend for ever ever. I'm holding you to that one sweet babe. You're obsessed with Lip Gloss, the old movie "On The Town", and being in your chonies. Your Daddy and your Brother are your favorite people and they really wouldn't have it any other way. Your heart is so pure and so full of love it blows me away everyday. I can't wait to see you with this new babe. You tell us everyday that when it come out you are going to love it and hold it and sing it song, and I have no doubt about it. 

I love you to your bones baby girl 

XXOO Mama 

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