Thursday, August 23, 2012

A night time visit

Last night I had a visit from my grandma in my dreams. I was in a room full of babies and there were other people around and out of the corner of my eye I saw my grandma. She didn't say anything and it seemed like no one else could see her. I walked towards her and she reached out and grabbed my hand and squeezed it really tight, and then she was gone. I woke up and i could feel her around me. I could almost smell her it was so real. I think it means this new babe has an angel in heaven looking over it.

Thanks for meeting me last night grandma. I've missed you everyday and it was good to feel your warm hands on mine. Thank you for watching over this new babe of ours. What a lucky babe to have someone like you on its side. I love you do much. See you next time

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  1. This just gave me the chills. It's always so wonderful to hear of others who have guardian angel grandparents. For me, it was my grandpa. He passed on several years before I was born. All growing up I had dreams about him. The one that sticks out the most is this one time, we were playing hide and seek in the clouds. I was all snuggled down into the fluffy whiteness, and he hopped over me, gave me a quick wink, and then kept calling out for me. The last several years of my grandma's life, she lived with us. And during that time I became especially close to my grandpa. Toward the end when things were getting harder for her, I used to pray and beg him to come and take her home. It's crazy become her last few days, and even hours I felt him around constantly and then haven't felt him since she passed away. Anyway, long rant...sorry. I was just thinking about your sweet new baby, and how blessed (s)he will be to have your grandmother watching over, protecting and loving. What a wonderful gift!

  2. Oh and PS...that super cute bump is making me super duper duper baby hungry!


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