Monday, January 23, 2012

When I Grow Up

 Its raining today which is a good thing because now it makes sense for Sofia to be wearing her rain boots. She loves those things and they have been on her feet for about two weeks now. We got to the Boys  school early today and watched the rain drops fall down the window and took silly pictures. 
She really digs this weather, and I dig her in a snow hat and boots. 

I love my mornings alone with her. 

As I was signing this boy out of class, his teacher came up and said that she was asking everyone what they wanted to be when they grow up. A Doctor, a Teacher..... when it was G's turn he said a Dad. She said "thats nice but don't you want to be something, like a Fire Man?"
 He said, "no, I just want to be a Dad like my Dad. "

She said that we  must be doing something really right at home because she could tell how much love our family has for one another. 

I felt so proud when she told me this. Lately I feel like we have been off our game, so it was so nice to hear someone from the outside notice that in our family. 

We will always struggle. There will never be enough money, someone will always disappoint us, we will always want more than we need. Life will always be a bit stressful, but we try hard everyday to make sure our family is first and, more so, that our babes feel loved. 

I hope you grow up and be just like Daddy too Son. 
I love you babes to your bones.

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