Friday, January 20, 2012

Better Something than Nothing Right?

I've sucked at blogging lately. Whoops sorry. Too much going on. Hopefully I will catch up for reals soon, but for now, here are a ton of pictures from my phone from the last couple of weeks

 I got to run errands all by myself. Seriously, such a dream

It was hot and gorgeous outside so the babes and I soaked up the sun at the park

He was hot and looking for monsters

Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The husband and I held hands in the car

These didn't last long

After school Disneyland date

The biggest mess ever

Me and my little nugget. She melts my heart

Valentines Day crafts

And tonight I had a chocolate nutella cake for dinner that I made in the microwave. If your reading this judging me, it's only because you're jealous. It was freggin' gooooooood

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