Thursday, July 21, 2011

What We've Been up To

 I organized the dress up clothes and the babes are having a ton of fun dressing Daddy up.

 I bought a couple $15 book cases, moved all of our furniture around, and made myself a fake built-in. LOL. I'm workin' with what  I got 

 Made snow cones and some bomb diggity Smore's Bar Cookies. 
 this happened..... and I love that it did. All the cool kids skateboard in their chonies
 I played photographer for the day and shot these two love birds' engagement photos. 
 The Husband and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary. It was lovely. He even took me to the beach we were married at and asked me to marry him all over again. 

We took our little fish to the beach 

 ate ice cream sandwiches in just our shades

And the BIGGEST news of all, this girl is POTTY TRAINED!!!! I wasn't even really trying she just kind of did it by herself. We have been diaper free for three days. Except for a trip to Ikea but she stayed dry the whole trip. We officially are out of the baby stage...... and my heart is a little sad about it. But I am BEYOND proud of my girl and her booty looks so stinkin cute in her big girl chonies.

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