Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dedicated To The One I Love

Sunday was our Anniversary so we dropped the babes off at my parents house and had ourselves a night away. It was wonderful.
No, it was perfect
We got to lay by the pool and read magazines, order poolside service, have a conversation that didn't have to do with cartoons or going potty. I didn't have to say "Don't touch your sister", or " Please use kind words". 
We got to be just husband and wife. 
We held hands, told stupid jokes that only we thought we hilarious. We took a nap, ooohhhhh man, that nap was amazing. 
We talked about our wedding day and how beautiful it was. How we want to get married again so our babes can be there. 
We flirted and sat next to each other while we ate our dessert 
It was like when we were first dating. 
I loved it. 
I love him
Marriage is tricky. Its wonderful and beautiful, but some days are hard and messy. Those days take more work, but they are just as beautiful in their own way. 

Bottom line, I would live in a box on the street with this man. 

I love him to my bones

Happy 6 Years Babe. 

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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous and so in love in both of these pictures! BEAUTIFUL!


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