Wednesday, September 19, 2012

School Recap So Far

Funny things from the first weeks a school.

On his first day they had to go around and say their names and their favorite food. He said " My name is Gavin and I love salmon". HAHA 

When I asked how his first day was he said "my armpits sweat a lot at recess  and there is a girl in my class that gets in trouble a lot so I'm not going to be friends with her". 

He only eats his sandwich at lunch time because eating cuts into playtime. 

We walk every morning with a little girl next door that I'm pretty certain he has a crush on. Easy tiger, you're only 5. 

At back to school night I had to fit my butt in a teeny tiny kindergarten chair. I was pretty convinced that I was never going to be able to get out of it with this belly. 

I get a big fat kiss everyday before he walks into class, even if his friends are looking. I'll be sad when the day comes when kissing your mama goodbye isn't cool. 

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