Friday, August 20, 2010

A Hot Night and A Lesson Learned

It's Hot out, and even hotter on our little un-air conditioned house. To beat the heat and save us from well..... killing each other, we hoped in the car and hit the coast. We went to Ruby's on the pier, watched a dolphin flirt with the surfers,split some Gelato, and headed home. Five minutes into the ride home, Gavin started to cry. He didn't want to go home. 
Neither did I
It was already past 7:00, past bed time, but still warm and beautiful out
So, Daddy pulled over and we dug our toes in the cool night sand and just ran
We ran up and down the beach
We ran along the shore
We ran towards each other, only to collide into a huge heap of sweaty, giggling bodies
We ran until the sun dipped down into the ocean and Luna shined bright in the almost night sky
We held hands and walked our tired sandy legs back to the car
Gavin squeezed my hand and said "Mama, thank you for the best day ever"
I scooped him up and smothered the side of his hot cheeks and told him it was my pleasure. 
I am lucky
What he didn't know was that he had given me the best day ever, and actually taught me a lesson that I already knew, but had forgotten in the craziness of life. 
Lately I have felt like the wind had been taken from my sails. I guess that life sometimes does that when your a grown up with grown up decisions and responsibilities. 
I have just felt kind of anxious that I won't be able to provide enough for my children. 
I have been frustrated with our small house, our non vacation summer, our lack of magic money trees growing in our backyard.
But last night, watching my babes chase each other down the beach, laughing so hard they would fall to the ground...
We have provided the best thing our children will ever know
We love them more than anyone could love anything
They have a Mama and Papa that are head over heels in love and committed to their family
They have a safe place to land when they need it.
 It may not come in the form of a great big house or fancy toys, but they  have us  no matter what. 
We are a family.
 We are all we have.
And when my son thanked me for the best day ever, my heart was suddenly at ease. My kids feel loved, rich or poor, down and dirty in the sand, they feel loved. 

Mission Accomplished. 

So thank you Gavin and Sofia, for the best days ever. Although some are long and hard, it is the the most magnificent life
Thank you for giving ME a safe place to land, a little hand to hold, and all the love in the world.
Being your Mama is enough for me
I love you to your bones
When the world goes pear shaped, if we come back here, hand in hand, we can get through anything

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  1. I LOVE this!! So's the simple little things that make their day...we just have to slow down sometimes...and how beautiful are you babes??? I love looking at them!


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